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It happens to all of us along the winding road of our career journey...we ask ourselves many of the same questions. Perhaps you have been asking yourself any of the following questions:

"What do I want to be when I grow up? Why am I not happy in my current role? Why did I lose my job? How will I compete in today's employee market to secure a position that I want? Where can I work where I will be highly satisfied? Why don't others understand me? How can I influence others and sell my ideas? How do I lead without employees? What can I do to be a better people leader?"

If we are speaking to you right now, let us come alongside you in your journey and help channel and focus your sights on what you do really, really well...and propel you to achieve a meaninful position where you can do it, and achieve higher engagement and career satisfaction as a result!  

We have a proven style and approach to guiding individuals along their career quest, providing tools, techniques, training and coaching, to gain the insight, knowledge and self-analysis that results in a greater sense of self and others, and what it will take to scale the next hill or mountain and realize your full potential.

Services for Individuals:

- Individualized Career Transition Coaching for all levels 

- Skill-based/Topical Coaching

- Professional Branding: Resume and LinkedIn Profile


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    Feature Talent Builders is a boutique career coaching, business coaching, recruiting, training and human resources consulting professional services firm. We provide services to both corporate clients and individuals. 

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