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  • People Matter...Period.  

  • Client Service - We know how to listen, to recommend, to deliver and to measure results. We apply our service model as part of an iterative process, making adjustments as needed, and we deliver a finished and high-quality lasting outcome.

  • We see things differently - And we are not afraid to talk about that and regulary solicit opinions and ideas from others.

  • People Drive the Process and Outcomes...We leverage technology while never letting it replace the imperative to business success...the people equation.

  • Frank Conversations - We speak the truth with respect and care, ensuring open and clear communication. Our commitment to all is to say what needs to be said...both positive and constructive feedback...rather than just what others want to hear. We do this with pure and positive intent to influence the right outcomes and ask the same in return.

  • Ethical Practices - We do it right.

  • Lasting Relationships - We want to know you and we want you to know us too.

  • Diversity - We cannot succeed without an appreciation and affinity for our unique backgrounds, beliefs and experiences, and we encourage diversity and openly address bias and prejudice without fear...because we believe in always doing the right thing. All people matter. 

  • Lifelong Learning - We stay current on best practices, emerging trends and provide referrals and resources for we work to quench our insatiable thirst for knowledge.

  • Strengths - We play to our strengths and equip others to realize theirs. No judgement, no shame. We are each uniquely and wonderfully made. 

  • Balanced Career and Life Focus - We practice it and adjust regularly for ourselves in order to achieve it. It is the act of being present and succeeding not just in work, but in our whole life...and we provide strategies for you to do the same.

    About Us

    Feature Talent Builders is a boutique career coaching, business coaching, recruiting, training and human resources consulting professional services firm. We provide services to both corporate clients and individuals. 

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